Grow New Markets with Contract Manufacturing Help Right In Idaho

Grow your company based on your volume without adding additional personnel and overhead. Safely scale with contract manufacturing from Precision Fulfillment and Kitting (PFK).

The experts at Precision Fulfillment and Kitting can take your designs, direction, and parts and build products both for inventory, for peak production periods, and to fulfill custom orders. Save money in overhead by creating custom products only when you need them and when there’s demand.

Private Label Manufacturing

Man standing at a desk in a contract manufacturing warehouse.

Private label manufacturing means your parts and branding combine with our labor and logistics. Whether you want the product stored for later sales or a product built based on customer demand, PFK can do it. We can produce in small or large quantities based on your needs and get products to customers right from our warehouse. Going “Private Label” is ideal for businesses with the vision and marketing for their product but lacking production facilities and personnel.

Labor and Service Subcontracting

Is your business in a contract manufacturing role and needs to outsource the manufacture of some parts? PFK can silently support subcontractors by building specific parts to order and shipping them back for use in larger production builds. This can significantly lower costs for subcontractors and improve the time it takes to complete a contract.

Man working in a contract manufacturing center in Boise.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing can help companies meet product demand when they don’t have the personnel or facilities onsite. Instead of hiring, then firing, and dealing with payroll, taxes, etc., our customers scale up or down based on demand, knowing that we can provide critical support when needed. That means you can now say “yes” to orders instead of back ordering or saying “no.”

The savings from outsourcing production to PFK help companies when they enter new markets and where market demand is uncertain. Time and costs are high for small companies that enter new markets. Outsourcing product assembly or development to a contract manufacturer like PFK reduces your risk and expenses. It makes scaling your business up less risky.

Other benefits can include:

  • Less Costs
  • Faster Production Time
  • Just-in-Time Order Fulfillment
  • Custom Product Labeling
  • Instant Resources to Meet Peak Demand

Get Help for Your Contract Manufacturing Project

PFK can provide labor and resources when demand outstrips supply. Contact the experts at Precision today to learn how to leverage additional resources through contract manufacturing.