The following represent some common questions and answers about our service. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re always here to help.

How can order fulfillment in Idaho ship anywhere? 

PFK is a UPS Partner

PFK is a UPS shipping partner. That means we have special rates and terms with UPS that give us access to cheaper shipping options than FedEx or USPS. Through UPS, we can ship anywhere west of the Mississippi in two days and reach the East Coast in three days. We also get daily pickups by UPS, so when we say we’re shipping your item today, it’s going out today. 

How does PFK compare to Shipbob or Shiphero? 

ShipBob and Shiphero subcontract to warehouses (like ours) throughout the United States to ensure your products are located close to your customers. This is a model similar to Amazon, where an order gets routed to the nearest warehouse, which picks, packs, and ships your product to your customer. Unless you’re doing high volume, this model can be expensive, requiring administration time and additional commercial shipping costs. 

PFK works on a simpler model with a single warehouse in a central shipping area, like Boise. This dramatically reduces your administration time and simplifies managing products that sell unevenly across various geographic locations. We also provide the same access to your product as Shipbob or Shiphero via an always-on customer dashboard that allows you to view your orders and inventory. 

How much do you charge? 

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting charges for storage, picking, and shipping. For storage, fees remain the same based on the space your product takes (they don’t change based on how long your product remains in our warehouse). The pick fee varies based on the product type and how complex it is to package. The shipping fee is based on the lowest UPS cost to ship your item. 

For a custom estimate, please get in touch with PFK at (208) 321-1663 or contact us online

Does PFK pick, pack, and ship? 

Yes. All products stored in PFK’s warehouse are mapped in our shipping software and your eCommerce system. Thus, when you get an order, that order triggers a pick request in our software, packing instructions, and a shipping label. Our packers then retrieve your item, pack your entire order, and ship it based on the lowest-cost shipping provided by UPS or other carriers. 

You can choose whether we can ship only complete orders, reserve products until backorders are filled, or ship in separate packages. You’re in complete control. 

Does PFK work with Amazon? 

Christmas box from Amazon

Amazon is an excellent online seller, but primarily if you sell in volume consistently throughout the year. Otherwise, Amazon charges you increasingly higher storage rates for unsold items in their warehouses. PFK works with Amazon sellers by storing overstock in our warehouse, where storage costs are cheaper, and shipping additional supplies to Amazon only when needed. This strategy provides the best rates for your eCommerce operation. 

PFK also handles all Amazon FBA requirements, such as barcode labels, pallet formats, and packing. Working with PFK ensures Amazon won’t return shipments to their warehouse because you didn’t ship them according to Amazon’s standards. 

Does PFK handle temperature-sensitive items? 

Our fulfillment center has space for temperature-sensitive products that must be kept at room temperature. This would be ideal for chocolates, candy, electronics, or other items that must be kept cool but not frozen. 

What industries do you serve? 

PFK provides fulfillment services for most retail-oriented or light manufacturing industries. For retail, there are no limits to the type of products we support. For manufacturers, please get in touch with our sales department as some items may not suit our warehouse space.