3PL Integration

3PL means “third-party logistics” or a company you hire to handle your shipping and inventory. Precision Fulfillment and Kitting handles that perfectly by using ShipStation’s 3PL software and partnering with UPS.

Our Partnerships

Our UPS partnership arrangement provides special shipping prices and custom-oriented services that we pass on to our customers. We get better rates because we ship in bulk. We also get 24-hour support and instant answers if you have a shipping problem.

ShipStation allows us to connect directly to your eCommerce shopping cart. It also acts as a warehouse inventory system, allowing us to see your inventory levels in real time. With the additional ability to connect to other services, such as postal printing, email notification software, and customer support services, ShipStation allows us to provide a software solution that gives you an instant hub for your online sales operation.

Our 3PL is Committed to You

As a 3PL, we’re also open, which is unusual. Most 3PLs are not available to their customers. We are. And we’re open anytime you need to check inventories or validate product quality in person.

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting is your partner in 3PL. We store your product, manage your orders, handle shipments, and process returns. 3PL lets you focus on sales.