Amazon Integration

Amazon is one of the world’s largest online retailers, and Amazon FBA is one of the most powerful online selling services for e-commerce. It achieves this through technology and strict adherence to standards. Success on Amazon means understanding those standards and tying them into their tech. Precision Fulfillment can do both.

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PFK Fully Integrates with Amazon’s Network

PFK can instantly integrate into Amazon’s vast network of buyers and warehouses through software tied into their network in real-time. We know immediately when orders are made, how to ship cheaply, how to verify buyers, and when a buyer receives their order. Everything is instant. Everything is accurate.

However, our software wouldn’t work without adhering to Amazon’s business standards. Amazon uses a highly defined standard for identifying packages, detecting sellers, and managing products across its system of warehouses. PFK organizes our warehouse data to be compatible with Amazon, so your product has instant compatibility with Amazon’s system, whether in our warehouse or Amazon’s.

Benefits of Our Amazon Integration

Instant access to all Amazon stores: Amazon is a worldwide network that appears different between countries. PFK’s integration can ensure that product available for the Canadian market is priced and formatted differently than the German market. This allows you to sell from your store confident that we can ship anywhere in the world Amazon sells.

Worldwide shipping integrations: Ship anywhere via UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL.

Carrier rates and discounts: PFK’s integration with Amazon can provide and work with rates across several carriers and manage custom discounts based on your account.

Branding: Our integration ensures your brand is prominent to customers during initial shipping and possible returns.

Instant Order Management: PFK instantly reads orders from Amazon’s network so we can guarantee to meet Amazon’s stringent 2-day shipping requirement.

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PFK Makes Working with Amazon Easy

About Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a powerhouse for e-commerce. But did you know that it’s also a powerhouse for search? More people search for products on Amazon than Google, and nearly half of all sales are shipped from third-party warehouses like PFK. Find out more about Amazon by visiting the “About Amazon” website.

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