Kitting Services for eCommerce

Get Experienced Staff as You Need Them to Manage Shipments

You need more than a warehouse for your products. You need kitting services that support your product and warehouse staff that knows your business. Whether you’re looking to repackage products, update your branding, or consult on new eCommerce opportunities, you need a team that knows how to handle your product.

Kitting Services Help You Assemble and Package Product

  • Kitting
  • Hand Assembly
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Barcoding
  • Taping
  • Packaging for Supplements (pill pack and powder sticks)
  • Repackaging
  • Labeling / Relabeling
  • Display Assembly
  • Quality Assurance (Inspection)
  • Amazon FBA Prep
  • Multimedia Kit
  • FREE Local Pickup and Delivery

Kitting Services for Pill Packs and Powder Sticks

PFK has a long track record in packaging single-dose pills and powder sticks for human consumption and animals. Our staff are packaging experts for food or medicinal products. We are certified to work with products that could harm people if mishandled. PFK can meet a wide variety of formats for packing and for pill or powder sizes and quantities. 

We meet all health regulations for packaging supplements and can easily adjust to different quantities.

Boxes prepared as part of kitting services

We Support Amazon Palletizing Standards

Each distribution channel has different requirements for packing items on a pallet. Some companies require pallets stacked flat on top, while others require boxes to overlap or follow a specific stacking standard. Failure to meet the correct palletizing standard could mean getting your product returned.

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting can quickly change pallet stacks to meet different standards, including the ability to replace pallets, resort pallets, or change pallet patterns. 

Other Kitting Services for Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) requires specific standards that can change based on the product type. Sending poorly assembled pallets to Amazon could result in having your merchandise returned. Working with Amazon FBA is our specialty, so let us help you do it right first.

Meet Amazon’s Barcode Requirement

Amazon requires your products to have both a visible SKU number and an Amazon barcode that they’ll use for your products in their warehouse. We are experts on their barcoding system and can help you recode your products to meet Amazon standards. Amazon requires items to be barcoded in a specific way to be managed in their FBA system. Your products can be returned, or your account could be charged if mislabeled. 

We are experienced in working with Amazon and make sure your products meet Amazon standards for the first time.

Save Costs with an Amazon FBA Alternative Warehouse

The cost of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) increases each month you store products in an Amazon warehouse. Starting at $50 a pallet per month, it can easily be $200 in six months. Alternative FBAs, like Precision Fulfillment and Kitting, can provide “just in time” shipping to Amazon facilities to ensure your Amazon warehousing costs remain low.

Amazon FBA
Amazon FBA

Alternate FBAs also ensure Amazon pickers have ready access to products and can fulfill orders quickly. Pallet storage costs at PFK are cheaper than even Amazon’s first-month rates. Alternative FBAs like PFK can keep Amazon warehouse costs low while leveraging Amazon’s selling power to ensure fewer backorders.

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting provides consulting and services to help your company leverage alternative FBAs like ours. We can adhere to the myriad of standards alternative FBAs require (each can be different) while helping you choose the right one for your business needs. Our in-depth consulting services adjust your business, from accounting to inventory tracking, to leverage the cost benefits of an alternative FBA warehouse.

Support Amazon FBA Packaging

Amazon requires that your packaged products won’t break if dropped from three feet. That’s where Professional Fulfillment and Kitting services come in.

We strictly adhere to Amazon’s packaging and labeling standards to ensure your products pass all Amazon requirements, including Amazon’s three-foot drop test. We then test and document our packaging to ensure it meets all standards being shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse. All packaging includes Amazon-approved barcoding and meets their standards for shipment.