Item Return Management

A Return Management Service that Builds Customer Trust

Your online reputation matters just as much during the return management process as much as during the sale. Using a third-party service dedicated to quality returns management lets you manage both sides of the sale.

Poorly managed returns can generate the most negative reviews and drive away future sales. It can also become a cost center instead of a service that supports profits.  

Leave your returns to the professionals at Precision Fulfillment and Kitting. We can manage your eCommerce returns so every return is handled correctly. PFK wants each return to be the source of future sales.

First, We Write Return Policies that Build Your Brand

As your eCommerce partner, PFK works with you to create a set of return policies that are easy to manage, understand, and protect you and your customers.

We’ve been in the eCommerce fulfillment business for nearly ten years. We know that with the right policies in place, customers will know what to expect, and your shipping service will know how to handle returned orders. Setting expectations professionally makes all the difference.

Good returns policies can also limit credit card chargebacks. Chargebacks can be a significant cost in an eCommerce operation. However, reasonable return policies can defend your business in the face of a chargeback and protect your business from loss and theft.

Customer returning a box to a delivery person

Next, We Process Returns In a Way that Builds Trust

Returns handled poorly can hurt a brand’s reputation. So, we take your returns very seriously.

Everything is managed based on your requirements and stated policies, but always with a flare for speed and customer service. This means you control how you want returned items managed from the beginning, and we make sure it’s done professionally and right.

You control whether you want to resell, dispose of, or recondition your returns.

Finally, We Follow-Up with Surveys to Find Problems Early

It’s often the case that frequent returns are the result of a bad sale or bad product. By surveying every customer who initiates a return, we ensure your returns don’t reflect a larger problem.

Your customers help you streamline your business when you offer surveys post-shipment. Don’t lose opportunities by not contacting them after the returns process. Our survey service returns valuable monthly information that helps you build your business.

Return Management Questions?

The professionals at Precision Fulfillment and Kitting are experts at item return management. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.