Ebay Integration

Precision Fulfillment and Kitting (PFK) can integrate with your eBay store so orders immediately trigger a shipment from our warehouse. No more late shipments. No more “red flags” on your account. Simply store your product with PFK, and we will ship your products within eBay’s required handling time.

eBay software integration

Do You Want to Provide Guaranteed, Next-Day, or Same-Day Service?

Guaranteeing next-day or same-day shipping for eBay can help you gain more sales fast, but this level of service can be hard to run correctly. Do it wrong, and you risk lower account ratings and possibly being downranked in an eBay search. That will impact your sales. Doing it right means you can earn eBay’s top-tier status and be ranked higher on search pages on eBay. That will increase sales and profit — simply because PFK allows you to guarantee eBay’s tightest shipping times.

Manage Returns on eBay

As with orders on eBay, our software integrates directly into eBay’s platform to process returns. Your customers will never see a delay, and you will never run the risk of missing eBay deadlines. Once eBay triggers a return, we can:

  • Manage printing and sending the return label
  • Ensuring your policies for returns are met
  • Receiving product and processing it for resale, disposal, or to send to auction houses for discount sales
  • Manage all refunds.

All returns are managed based on your guidelines, ensuring that your returns are managed identically.

Order Syncing and Stock Updates

Never lose an order, and never sell the same item twice. We have complete visibility of all your orders at every stage of the posting and shipping process. Should your item not sell in one auction, you will know the item is still available for sale. Items sold are then off your inventory. This is valuable when bulk selling or selling many different things.

Integration with International Markets

Selling the same item on numerous international markets on eBay requires a system that can end auctions when sold in one of those auctions. This allows eBay sellers many more chances to get the highest value for their item while not risking multiple sales against the same thing.

eBay eCommerce sales Page

PFK Will Make it Easier to Manage Your eBay Auctions

Product Information: Any changes you make to the SKU, weights, names of your products, and customer information will be reflected in what we print and ship. We don’t keep two copies. What you enter in eBay’s interface is what we see on the warehouse floor.

Custom Fields: If your eBay product listings need custom fields, we can also pull that information. Items like “Fraud Risk” or “Auction Campaign” information can be printed on your customer invoices.

Order Edits: We track your refunds, cancellations, and line item changes so you avoid shipping out unnecessary orders.

Manage Your Shipping Anywhere: You can view your order status online through our shipping software. Get your inventory answers regardless of our warehouse hours.

Shipping Updates Made Automatic: Once we create your shipping label, our system automatically updates the carrier, tracking number, and shipping status back to eBay and back to your customer. Never get dinged for shipping late.

About eBay

eBay remains one of the largest online auction hubs in the world, selling roughly 1.6 billion items daily across 190 unique marketplaces. Selling on eBay has become fast-paced and highly technical, requiring more technical approaches to selling and customer service. That’s why PFK remains a leader in eBay sales support.

For more information about eBay, see eBay’s company page.