An Inventory Storage Service Made for Online Business

Warehousing and Order Fulfillment – Right Here in Boise, Idaho

Managing inventory for eCommerce means you need warehouse storage in a professionally run warehouse where stock is easy to find and always available for audit. Precision Fulfillment and Kitting support customers with a climate-controlled warehouse ideal for food, electronics, or items that might be sensitive to heat or cold.

Professional eCommerce warehouse storage can be expensive and complicated. PFK has over 10,000 square feet of dedicated space and can expand on demand to meet customer needs. Let PFK handle your warehouse storage needs for eCommerce so you can focus on sales.

A Local Warehouse That Provides Anytime Access to Your Inventory

High-volume sales channels, like Amazon, have set the expectation for shipment within 24 to 48 hours of an order. We meetĀ Amazon’s requirements that all products be organized in rows and bins and mapped to our inventory software. Every product receives a unique number, and every number represents a location in our warehouse. We always know exactly where your product is and your current inventory levels.

When we receive an order, a pick list is generated, and our staff can quickly pull the product, deduct it from inventory, and forward it to shipping. We couldn’t do this without a highly organized inventory system that maps all products in our warehouse.

A Shipping Portal that Gives More Value to Your Customers

From day one, you’ll have access to a robust system that manages products from your website to our warehouse to your customers. 

Customer shipping and returns portal
Provide more service to your customers with our branded shipping and returns portal that can link right from your website.

Working with PFK means you can access cutting-edge technology connecting your sales platform and our shippers. Every item in our warehouse is managed based on a unique number representing your product (the SKU). Our software uses that number to track the products in your store, get the orders your store generates, find the inventory in our warehouse, and track customer shipments. 

Imagine complete management of your products, shipping, and returns. That’s what our software can do.

For more information about the software our business is built on, see this article from ShipStation.

A Cool Place to Store Temperature Sensitive Food

If your product is heat or cold-sensitive, you need a temperature-controlled warehouse. Our central warehouse provides dedicated climate-controlled space that ensures your product doesn’t lose quality while waiting to be shipped for sale. 

Nothing destroys customer confidence like receiving a melted or deformed product. Specific clothing, food goods, and technology need climate-controlled storage to maintain quality, with much of that damage happening in the warehouse.

You can count on PFK to help you keep your promises to your customers for a quality product delivered fast.

Order picking and kitting right from the warehouse.

A Flexible Staffing Option When You Need to Grow

You want professional staff managing your product and handling your customers. That’s who we hire. Our team is committed to quality and our customers’ success. They’re trained to manage products in a warehouse setting. They can move products from receipt to shipping. You can feel confident that your inventory is driven by people dedicated to your business’ success.

A Warehouse Security System that Ensures Your Product is Safe

PFK has invested in high-quality security systems that help track and monitor warehouse activity. A third-party security company secures every door, loading dock, and aisle in our facility. Be confident that your product is secure.